Too Many Tragic Losses Of Young Lives To Suicide

One of those days, wasn’t gonna post, & then this pops in my feed. You look at that sweet, young, innocent face, full of life, & is there a person reading this who doesn’t think something like: that reminds me of what I looked like in HS…like my nephew or cousins…like the friendly neighbor’s kid?

The same story we keep hearing: parents “never would have known,” but now looking back, there were signs. This, an observation from his dad: “As soon as he (son) found out it wasn’t going to be a regular football season, looking back, we noticed he stopped working out. Stopped riding his bike as much to the point he didn’t even work out anymore. Instead, he took naps.”

I read that & my heart sinks bc those are tell-tale signs: loss of interest, change in behavior, increased sleep. We have an EDUCATION dilemma arnd this topic. So I wanted to dedicate the rest of this post to practical steps for parents/friends to help foster relationships/interaction FOR their kids/friends, bc isolation is deadly & my heart breaks w each of these:

– “Group therapy” just by talking, is more impt than any school subject right now. Ask your schools/teachers to foster TALKS for students, even if on zoom, abt how they’re feeling. Ppl need to HEAR they’re not alone. Heck use the app (2nd slide) or the Scale alone to start convo.

– Share your own loneliness so your kids know it’s not just them. Coordinate fam board game nights, & yes it can be video games. Do what THEY want to do. You can even have a movie “watch party.”

– Implore them to schedule virtual hang outs w friends. Time talking & seeing others is better than time alone on a screen.

– Encourage them to take up a hobby or new passion. Even buy them: an instrument, paint supplies, language app.

– Invite fam over, in person – it can be outside, even socially distanced w masks.

– Beware of over-sleeping. Ask them what they want to do that day & if nothing, give them responsibilities. Stagnation breeds stagnation. Need to get them moving. 

– Openly discuss a suicide prevention safety plan. Use our LIFE Saver (3rd slide & will link to it).

WE can do this!

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