Tomorrow Might Be Too Late…

Disclaimer on this post, there’s some real talk related to a recent incident that may be sensitive to some. It ends on what I believe is an uplifting note, but wanted to make sure to at least give a heads up.
I received a DM early this afternoon from one of our followers. He asked if I’d share my # as he had something he wanted to tell me. I sent it to him & he called almost immediately.
He began to tell me abt his close friend & biz partner…a young brilliant man, gifted mathematician, huge heart, little bit of a “cowboy” mentality, not one to always wear his emotions on his sleeve for fear of it coming off as weakness.

This man had recently broken up w a girlfriend & had moved in w the follower who’d reached out to me. That follower had been “working on” getting his friend to open up more…to share his feelings openly (maybe not w the whole world, but at least to him). He had actually made a pact w this friend – to always share whenever negative thoughts popped in his head – & that pact would go both ways.

Our follower got back this morning, to find that his partner/roommate/friend, after having sent funny Snapchat videos the night before, had shot himself in the head outside of their house.


His call was to share the awful news, & tell me he NEEDED to get more involved in this #SameHere Movement. He shared how we need to get more people talking – not JUST to say: I have xyz disorder, but to share their feelings, emotions, side effects, & even scary ideations.

This man left no note. As someone who knows the feelings of these ideations, they are error messages that sufferers do NOT choose to receive. They don’t want to feel this way. But, they are impulse message like any other impulse messages we act on. Unless there is the knowledge in a sufferer’s mind that these are messages that will go away w work, & will dissipate over time w the right treatment, they are at risk for following those impulses.


This follower will be sharing his own #SameHere🤙Hero story soon & will now be devoting much of the rest of his life to being an advocate, convincing others to share.


Please everyone – don’t wait. Even if to ONE person, share what you feel!

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