What’s Our Greatest Super Power?

Funny that when I ask this question to a group of students – middle school & above, I always get giggles. No the answer isn’t “puberty” 😂 nor is it any of the other P words many of us think of when it comes to our “super powers.”
When we think of super powers, we think of things that us “average” humans can’t do: bend steel, lift tons of weight, see through buildings, fly, etc.
Fortunately we were all equipped w the ability to acquire a super power – but the interesting thing is, it most often takes shitty experiences to acquire the power. Some hints from my own life & the life of others:
1) The mere fact that I can type a post is a miracle to me – for 2.5 years words didn’t come to my mind. 2) A woman I spoke w the other day walks w a limp after a terrible accident, but she thought after the accident she’d never walk again. 3) A friend who lost her husband at a young age, now spends her life inspiring others who have been in similar situations, to show them that they can go on, & can live a happy & fulfilling life. This ultimately ends up being fulfilling for her.
Know what the P on our super hero chests stand for yet?
So much of what we talk about when it comes to MH is the downside & the stigma & the lack of education. What about the upside as well? I don’t wish what I went thru on my worst enemy. BUT, what I & so many others go thru in terms of challenges…challenges that affect our MH, gives us the perspective to appreciate what we CAN do, what we CAN experience, how little things are BIG things, & how true happiness comes in the forms of appreciating all of life’s little minute-by-minute treasures – not by what we make, how much we have, or how we compare.
It sucks to go through adversity – but the more you fight thru, the more “P Power” you gain. If you can see the challenges you face as opportunities, you will heal faster & appreciate more! And prob most rewarding, things you previously thought of as difficult, no longer seem so!

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