Therapy Is Like Having A Mirror For Our Mental & Emotional Health

I’m a terrible selfie-taker (if a shot in a mirror is even considered a selfie), so bear w me on this one, needed it as an example.


I’ve started to see a number of cool visuals depicting what “good” therapy’s like. The latest one, a patient had one single ball of yarn of all diff colors tangled together above their head, & the threads all led to an area above the head of the therapist, who was helping roll them into individual balls of yarn all of the same color. Untangling & compartmentalizing.


That visual may work for some. Hope it’s helpful. For me, reflecting, “good” therapy, like I’m fortunate to get from Donna Stein, helps me have a mental/emotional health & overall life “mirror.”


Think abt what a mirror in the literal sense does: it helps us see our physical selves: hair, skin, clothes, & even changes to how we treat ourselves over time – weight, muscular fitness, etc.


It’s VERY hard to reflect on our emotional & MH, the way a mirror can help us w our physical health. It takes a lot of soul searching, maybe journaling.


But what a good therapist can do – even one who never knew us earlier in our lives, is they can listen to us, & help us look at ourselves NOW, think abt the past & what we USED to do/feel, & help us compare. How things have changed for the better? How we may have gone down more challenging paths we can potentially correct, but most importantly being able to actually identify the changes.


We change sooo much incrementally over our lives. It’s often hard to take inventory, identify them, keep what serves us, go back to some things we miss. We don’t have these “snapshots” called pics to look back at our changes – like we do w photos. Does this resonate? How does therapy help you?

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