Therapy Is Like Gym For The Brain

It’s truly interesting what gets ppl’s attn these days on diff social media platforms. I mentioned that I’m not one to care about “likes.” Reads are more important in my book bc it means you at least had a chance to try to help someone by sharing a current event or opinion.


This tweet I shared + some opinion on twitter yesterday was by far one of the biggest tweets I’ve shared in a yr. In less than a day’s time, it’s been fed to over 150k people. Why? Maybe ppl like to read abt celebs more than anything on twitter. Regardless, I love that you all here read & react, as long as the content is informative. The celeb tie-ins don’t make or break the content you partake in.  Let’s talk abt a celeb however, who it appears revealed vulnerably, not for his own benefit, but for the benefit of others:


Love this acknowledgment by Dwyane Wade abt going to therapy after retirement. Therapy, when you really think abt it, is nothing more than the “gym for the mind.” Wade’s been working out his body his whole career. Why should working out his mind, to keep it in shape during a tough transition period be looked at any differently? The answer: it shouldn’t.


Transitions of any kind are hard. Career transitions are especially hard. New ppl hired next to you, above you…losing jobs…changing markets…& yes, retirement.  If Wade can “be ok” w therapy, why can’t we all?


And I love how Wade shared – & he didn’t follow it up in the same day by announcing a partnership with an online therapy app.  He didn’t pair the news w additional news of a diagnosis for a MH disorder that is requiring him to seek help/leading to speaking engagements. There’s not much he stands to gain, at least in the short term, by revealing this. What he gains, is the ability to HELP others in understanding – whether ure in ur 30s & ure leaving pro sports, or ure in your 60s & ure leaving a job in accounting – the change is gonna be a hard one.


When we retire, if we keep going to the gym, we’re considered: strong/fit/active. When we retire, if we go to therapy, we’re considered….? Think abt it? Why any difference? Shouldn’t be.

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