10/02/21: The Valuable Lesson’s That Come From Feeling Overwhelmed

While I have my head screwed on semi straight, figured I’d share this “current event” feeling I’m going through, & what it keeps teaching me.

My head’s barely above water. This time, it’s my own choosing. Traveling a little too much…taking on too many projects…accepting too many commitments.

I was sitting on my couch last night working on a cool, but overwhelming, project – doing a whole curriculum of videos for the pro sports sales industry on an intro to mental health in the workplace – it’s 32 different 10 min modules (following the format someone else gave me for their sales training company they want me to follow). With it I have to write 4 multiple choice questions for each module, & then 8 additional video exercise questions.

No one should feel sorry for me in that. I committed to it – on top of all the other day-to-day responsibilities with presentations, scheduling of school & office visits, app development, organizational meetings, podcasts, documentaries, etc.

I give that background because, I looked at my “weekend” with the deadline to get these videos done approaching, & I said to myself – you do this ALL the time to yourself. Then you burn yourself out, & you go right into the same pattern.

That overwork is a story for another day – my work addiction is well documented (by me at least ;)). But I tried to take a step back from the overwhelming feeling to take something positive from it. Usually when I’m overwhelmed (when most are overwhelmed) it’s not to our own choosing. Life happens & it happens fast & not on our own timelines.

But surviving those very periods should give us the confidence that we can take anything this world throws at us. Yes it’s a flip of the script.

Instead of getting down, think about what this teaches us about ourselves. We are stronger than we thought. It lets us know when we face similar times in the future, we will be able to push through, because we’ve proven to ourselves we’ve done so in the past.

Overwhelm doesn’t just come w misery. It comes with valuable lessons.

(Check back old posts. We’re back in IG jail because we dared to talk about collective/natural/healing & togetherness & not focus on disorder. What a crime!)

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