The Sports World’s Early Responses To George Floyd

Wanted to pass on some hope, in the midst of what’s been a very difficult time in our nation’s history.

The first step in addressing problems is acknowledging we have them.

The two most recent public examples: 1) a woman using a man’s color as a weapon to threaten him, when on the phone w cops in Central Park, 2) a white man murdering a man of color IN broad daylight, as a camera is filming (& he knows it, & as his fellow officers are watching), are only that – recent examples.

From Ahmaud on back (in time) & of course countless examples we don’t even know about, yes we have problems in this country.  As @willsmith said a bit ago – “it’s just now getting filmed.” Is it everyone in our country/system? Nope. But even one is too many, & it’s wayyy more than that, clearly.

I’ve been watching the sports world closely- especially the past few days, & the hope I’d like to provide comes from the messages of solidarity I AM seeing. As @dwyanewade aptly put it: we won’t see change until those unaffected by these issues are as outraged as those who are affected. To then read the public comments from athletes (not of color) who are speaking up, in solidarity, is encouraging: some of the biggest names in sports, w large platforms.

At least in my belief, as a white man who knows how sensitive saying anything publicly on these topics can be, I believe these athletes are making the right statements.  Paraphrasing here, but: “I see it, I personally haven’t had to live it bc of the color of my skin, but it’s wrong, it must stop, I’ll do what it takes to make change, & I have your collective backs.”

I do believe change happens when ppl of influence come together & show a united front (from all angles) – that they won’t accept anything but change – especially when there is no agenda for endorsements or speaking engagements involved. Would love to see it in MH too. We aren’t there yet. We all have diff experiences but when we can acknowledge that & still say – I’m standing w you for change, if enough do it, change can happen.

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