The Smallest Gestures Can Make The Greatest Impact

This particular thought came to mind yesterday. Gonna do what I typically do & just write stream of conscientiousness…so not sure where it’ll end, but go w me.

A friend texted & shared a “Dad Joke” w me yesterday. It was so awful, that it was good: “What’s wrong w a chameleon that can’t change colors? They have reptile-dysfunction.” Again, so bad, it’s good.

Immediately I thought of my bud Marc Stcherbina @yogslife the former Aussie National Team Rugby player who lives on the West Coast. We met thru this alliance but have become good friends ever since.  Marc’s been doing this funny “bit” on IG Stories, where his head’s blocked by a Dads’ Joke book, he reads them, plays some game show music, & then asks in a poll: thumbs up/down.

The dots connected in my mind & I WANTED to share it w Marc, wanted him to have it, got nothing out of it on my end other than, making him laugh & be happy, which made me laugh & allowed me to be happy.

Ok, but this post isn’t abt me & my share. That’d be pretty weird & would lack self-awareness. But I want to talk abt the feeling I got, sharing it w Marc…the feeling he seems to have gotten based on his reaction, & how much these small gestures mean to each/most of us.

Unfortunately (maybe I’m a skeptic), a good chunk of communication/convo happens bc WE need something. We cry when we’re babies bc we need a bottle. But take it to things we see every day.  Do ppl write happy bday on your Facebook wall bc they genuinely want you to have a happy bday, or bc they want it reciprocated on their day?  When someone calls to “tell you abt something” but happens to sneak in, “oh & while I have you on the phone”…was that preplanned? Butter you up before the ask.

None of us are perfect. We’re all busy/hard to fit things in. But here’s my takeaway- These tiny gestures we can do for each other, many have done for me & I’m so thankful (a card, funny poop bags for my dog, a smoothie delivered when I was sick), they go SUCH a long way to know that you’re genuinely appreciated as a person/friend. Let’s do more of THAT, even more so while we’re locked up, & needing connection!

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