The Silent Treatment

Unfortunately, I have learned this one the hard way over the years.


It’s often that we use the silent treatment bc we are upset, angry, or hurt. Consciously or subconsciously, we want to send a message to the other person who we believe may have done us wrong.


The thought usually is – “I can get my point across, they can see how upset I am, they may come crawling back apologizing, or any number of reactions that show me they care.”


Here’s the thing though, if it takes an over-dramatic expression to get a response out of someone, you have to ask if that person and that relationship is what you want in your life. It’s a hard reality to face at times, but what I’ve learned is, the truly good people who you want in your life – they’re gonna approach you when they see you’re upset and are going to want to talk about it. And if not, it’s way healthier for you to just speak your heart, have it out, and decide what their true motives and intentions are.


Sometimes we want people to care more than they do, love more than they love, and desire more than they’re capable of. But what’s been apparent over time is – any tactics to draw out of someone what feelings you hope they have in them, just isn’t worth the damage and effort it does to YOU as you wait for a response.


When you’re upset about something, address it, discuss it, find out their true intentions, and decide if it’s someone you want in your life. It’s a harsh reality that you may lose someone from your world…but at the end of the day, it’s better to have a few incredible ppl who care unconditionally about you and your heart, than it is many who only care when it’s convenient for them.

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