10/19/21: The Power Of Human Connection

The last – going on 2 years now – we’ve been deprived of some of the most basic joys of life.

And yet, so many have been able to find ways to put a positive spin on things: much more time with family (if you’re all living together)…for board games…watching tv as a group…eating meals together…less travel for work.

For those WITH family in house, those’ve been positive changes you may never have as much dedicated time to enjoy again. You soak it all up. And yet…still something’s missing.

Likewise, for those of us who live alone, or with a roommate, or whose kids are out of the house, there’s still something missing as well.

And we go on here & read each other’s recommendations for the best ways to do meditation & yoga & daily affirmations…gratitude exercises, & writing in journals. So many good ways to find inner peace & fill our hearts…& again, we can follow that to a T, & something’s still missing.

That something is camaraderie & human connection – specifically in a group setting, with those we love. I recognize love’s a relative term. We love many people in many different ways.

But the loss of being in a group, surrounded by love, is something we’ve all been deprived of, to some degree, going on these nearly 2 years now. Deep down, we’re pack animals…& that connection can’t be replaced without the real thing.

I realized this last night, as I got together with a group of close friends I studied abroad with, literally half our lifetimes ago in London.

Sure we stay connected on text…shoot updates here & there…even have gotten together one-on-one, & sent a pic to the larger group. But nothing replaces all getting together. We each fit, like a glove. Everyone has a social role. Some talk more than others. Some are over-sharers. Others recall the memories. But it feels right when we get together as a pack.

For me, it filled my heart in a way I didn’t realize how much I’d been missing. A inner peace & joy I’d been lacking.

We made accommodations to eat outside for a friend…& it didn’t matter how cold it was. We needed that bonding time.

It may be just 2 friends you have…but if you can get together – DO IT. May be just what your heart needs now.

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