The Mental Health Double Standard In The Media

Was gonna take today off from posting, then this happened.

Horrific injury to @_4dak in yesterday’s game. If you haven’t seen it, just a terrible break of an ankle you wish no one would ever have to go through.  Thoughts, prayers & well wishes poured in from around the world of sports & beyond, as Dak was carted off the field, teary-eyed.

One such public message came from Skip Bayless. This is the same Skip Bayless who is a big Cowboys fan, who chastised Dak for openly sharing his MH INJURY, just last month – his battle w depression.

And in this example alone, we have a microcosm of so much of what is wrong related to how many in our society still treat the difference between physical & mental injury. 

As I wrote to Skip on twitter: “Why the prayers & well wishes when it’s a physical health injury, but not a mental health one?  This is the double standard you still don’t acknowledge @RealSkipBayless. Just bc you can’t ‘see’ it, doesn’t meant it didn’t happen, & that it doesn’t hurt, big time.”

Not going to compare levels of pain. But – I am going to say that there are different degrees to which an ankle break can happen, just like there are different degrees to which a MH challenge can happen.  Both on a continuum. Why w one, do we consider ppl warriors for what they are battling/facing, & w the other, we expect them to keep it to themselves, consider them weak for sharing, & don’t send the same thoughts & prayers? THIS in this slide, is what must change. 

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