Teaching STARR Exercises To School Personnel

This morning, I got a chance to work deeper into the #SameHere Schools concept with the @manhasset school district, as we took their group of school professionals: social workers, therapists, guidance counselors, nurses, administrators, through a set of STARR practices.

The idea was to help THEM, with their self care, first.  Then, once they bought in, work w them to teach the students. Love that approach – & that was their choice, led by their talented Superintendent, Dr. Vincent Butera.

I don’t think you can get “buy in” for STARR type practices, unless you explain the science behind much of it.  We talked about energy getting trapped from stressful & traumatic experiences, IN the brain/body. We talked about the role the Vagus Nerve plays in sending messages to the rest of the body about what’s important, how to act, what to focus on.

If you told me 5 yrs ago I’d be holding a Tibetan Singing Bowl to start a session on self care, in front of a room of school professionals, I’d have thought YOU were the “Crazy” ones.

But…there we were.  We went through different breathing practices like alternate nostril breathing & victory breath.  We did a session on tapping @tapwithbrad (pictured) :). We did a session on the Kirtan Kriya (pictured) while singing. It was awesome…& to hear the professionals talk about the changes they felt in their bodies, the clarity in their heads, in their minds, was truly amazing.

Couple of days ago we shared how @severnschool took the ball & ran w it after our initial culture-changing/table-setting assemblies, to work #SameHere into the fabric of their school, through student openness. What Manhasset did today was show another pillar of how you make #SameHere a part of the entire district’s culture, through the professionals.  We will be working w all their teachers next. Thanks to all those who came.

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