Some Of The Best Accounts To Follow Related To TBI & Concussions

Today is National Concussion Awareness Day. I wouldn’t be doing a very good job as a MH advocate if I didn’t point ppl in the direction of folks I believe are at the forefront of Traumatic Brain Injury research and advocacy – people you should follow. Some have IG accounts, some you can google – names below.
When we first started this “Crazy” #SameHere🤙 initiative, the question was posed, do we include those ppl who have MH complications due to physical injuries. My answer: why the in the world not?? Who cares how someone “got there” in terms of their MH? TBI, Genetics, Life Experiences, Toxic Metals, Poor Nutrition, etc., should it matter? No!
Some important follows: Advocates 1) @danielcarcillo13 for his work around his own injuries in hockey, 2) Kevin Stevens, another NHL’er who fell on his face in a game after a collision, which caused a whole host of issues – he has a Power Forward Foundation about substance abuse and brain injury, 3) @joewilliams_tew an Australian Rugby player and Boxer who has an organization: The Enemy Within, and 4) @hilinskishope formed by the family of @wsucougarfootball QB Tyler Hilinski who we tragically lost to suicide last season, where CTE was involved.
On the Practitioner side of things – some incredible work being done by: @doc_amen The Amen Clinics, their researcher Donna Lalwani and Doctor Sandy Lowe who will be joining our Practitioner alliance, focusing on brain scanning, 2) @kwilleumier who is a brilliant neuroscientist doing incredible research herself, 3) @frankcuiuli who is doing fascinating work around the brain and NeuroPhysics practices in Australia – and is also a member of the Practitioner Alliance, and 4) @carrick_institute who according to Daniel Carcillo is a doing “life saving work” to rehab folks with TBI.
I hope this list is helpful. We’d like to find some practitioners and advocates in the space of TBI and military service to bring into the Alliance, if anyone knows of individuals or organizations that are doing great things. Thanks.

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