Why Focusing Exclusively On One Goal Can Hurt Us


It’s been very rewarding to share the #sameherestories of others, almost daily for the past two months, all w the hopes of spreading a message that we can help one another.


Although I shared my story initially, and the reactions from that share helped me realize that so many people worldwide are suffering and need help, it doesn’t mean I’m off the hook and exempt from sharing my own battles I continue to face.


No doubt this lifestyle is better than laying in bed staring at a ceiling w my virtually dysfunctional brain, but this absolutely still remains an everyday fight I continue to learn from, on my path towards better health.


So often we find a passion, it gives us purpose, & we are driven every day to accomplish more & more. Building a start-up, chasing an athletic goal, making partner at a firm, dropping a few lbs. It doesn’t matter where you find a passion – but a passion can be such a healthy thing.


However, as I just learned, a passion can also have some ugly consequences. When we are so passionate about something that we are myopically focused on it, & burning the midnight oil, we lose balance. Losing balance means we neglect so many other important things in life, like: time w family, adding to our knowledge, & perhaps most importantly focusing on our self-care.


Simply put, I’ve not been healthy the past 2 wks. I’ve eaten well, gotten sleep, etc., but my passion for building this initiative – finishing the website, returning calls, obsessively replying to all emails, has thrown me off balance, & yesterday I noticed physical & mental symptoms that were all too familiar to my fall 3 years ago.


I’m thankful to my spectacular psychologist Donna, for explaining it like this: it’s like you had an accident & broke your femur bone, & after healing some, instead of walking on the treadmill, this singular focus on this passion is as if you are running in a marathon on a leg that is still healing.


I’m sorry to those folks whose #samehere🤙 stories I haven’t had a chance to post the past day+. Please forgive me. But please learn from my errors. Passion is great, IF you find balance.

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