Society’s Pivotal Moment

On days like today, when we get news of someone’s struggles, it’s beyond important that we have ppl w large platforms out there, who understand the “big picture” advocating for the education & change – in policy/perception, our society so desperately needs.


Thank you to Darren Rovell & many others like Theo Fleury, Chamique Holdsclaw & Joe Fauria who use their platforms to shed light on a topic that’s not so easy to understand or discuss.


Yes, today’s big news is that Josh Gordon – a supremely talented athlete – is stepping away from the NFL.  But such an important piece of this story is that Josh has been vilified for his substance abuse & inability to “kick his habits” for so long. Not many looked at his background, challenging upbringing, nor trauma faced as a child, to understand the WHY behind he may be a substance abuser.


Those who abuse, often do so for purposes of self-medication; to mask or drown symptoms of emotional stress/trauma & pain. This is not to say that every addict of every vice is using bc of mental health complications, nor is it to say that everyone w mental health complications turns to substances to cope. But in the case of a high profile individuals like Josh, the BIGGEST takeaway for our society – is that we can show there is a connection that all too often exists: between the trauma of lived experiences & that of substance abuse. Let’s thank the heavens that this pivotal moment didn’t come w the background of catastrophe like it did with a Kate Spade or Anthony Bourdain.


We wish Josh & millions of others going through the same, much strength & support.


To have partners like Darren, Theo, Chamique, Joe & many others on an Alliance who talk consistently about this being a topic for “5 in 5” of us, all having various levels of a #SameHere🤙Story – some where self-medication is involved, some where it’s not, is so important in bringing about the changes our society needs.

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