Dealing With Society’s “Timelines”

How do you deal w “longing for something”…or your own clock ticking & telling you something “hasn’t happened soon enough?”


The 2 cuties in this pic that I’m just sneaking in w, are my nieces. They’re a little older now, but heaven for me, is laying in bed when work’s done…or on the couch…& cuddling & talking w them. I’m excited that my little bro’s wife is due soon, bc these 2 are getting too cool for school to keep laying arnd w “Unkie”…so I’ll soon have another little one I can cuddle w.


We just came off Father’s Day. We’re in the midst of graduation season. Everywhere I turn there are pics of dad’s w their kids…& celebratory moments being shared. Many of my friends are either on kid 3, or stopped at 2, & are done.  I’m not even dating anyone seriously 😂.


Now it’s funny, if you asked when I was 18, what my life would look like, I’d say – prob married by mid-30s, kids soon after…would like 3 like my fam had. In fact, I was the guy w a girlfriend for all 4yrs of college so if anyone was considered the moosh who’d settle down early in life bc of a history of relationships, it was me.


But life got busy. I traveled to 4 diff markets to work for sports teams. I caught the “bug” of enjoying being single & the benefits that came w that ;). I got sick when I was 35…& now here I am, no kids…as my friends get vasectomies 😂.


Do I want children – yes. Do I want a great wife – yes. Do I see others & say: that’d be nice given how much I love my nieces – yes!


All that said, perspective is such a grounding tool. Not that there’s a “right way” to do things, but, if I was married & had kids now, could I be on the road doing what I love & helping others as much as I do now? Could I be getting into as much trouble on wknds? Could I be spending as much time loving on my nieces? Playing guitar? Etc. No way.


I understand that life’s hard when you want things & they don’t happen on your timeline. But, if you stop & look arnd you…& look at the opportunities you DO have, you can see the gifts. Let life come TO you. Anyone longing for things…hope this perspective helps :).






















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