Social Media And Mental Health

One of the scariest downsides to social media is, it brings us so much closer to the atrocities that happen around the world. We think back to the Gulf War and watching grainy footage of Scud missiles caught by network cameras, two days after they were launched. It felt worlds away. Now, we and our kids are viewing things in real time, up close and personal. The kids of one of our volunteers has asked her not to go to concerts anymore now 😞. We go through enough of our own personal traumas, and now social media brings us the footage and the heartbreaking stories of those affected by these terrible tragedies on our personal devices. All the more reason why we need to be preventative with respect to our mental health. There are too many things in our new age that create more and more angst and anxiety. Hug your family and friends closely. Don’t wait until there are breakdowns or mental health dips. Be proactive. Nothing to be ashamed of – speaking to a professional preventatively or doing daily practices that allow us to naturally deal with traumas we experience or see happening to others. #weareallalittlecrazy…so don’t be ashamed to talk about how these things affect you. #VegasStrong

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