The Opportunity To Pave The Way For Social & Emotional Learning

Just left the Manhasset Public Schools district office & specifically their superintendent’s office, Dr. Vincent Butera…& met as well as their head of Student Support Services.


We have worked w many school districts around the country, & implemented pieces of the #SameHere Schools programming, but in Manhasset (as well as w Dr. Michael Hynes, superintendent in Port Washington, & the Freeport School District), it’s incredibly exciting to see PARTNERS who understand the global picture of making social & emotional learning, a fabric of the school community.


NY is one of the few states to mandate MH education. Schools could stop there – w curriculum only.  But that’s not where leaders like Dr. Butera nor Dr. Hynes want it to end.  From culture changing assemblies, to common language used to discuss feelings, to breakout session w teachers, parents, administration, para support professionals, students, to curriculum, to the creation of STARR rooms (& in Manhasset’s case a whole WING of a school dedicated to healthy practices) – these folks understand that creating a culture of #SameHere, where we are ALL in it together, bc we ALL face challenges that impact our MH, is the way to go…we can’t just check a box.


Couldn’t be more excited to work w leaders & districts like these, to literally shape the global model for schools in other cities, states, & countries to follow.


More to come, but for now, I looked at the incredibly engaging pictures on the walls in Dr. Butera’s district office – Their CULTURE: All about engagement & inclusivity. Love it!

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