Sitting With The “Broken” Is A True Test Of Character

This is one of the more powerful quotes I’ve read in a while.

On a surface level if you asked the avg person – would you rather meet & hang out w your favorite athlete/celeb that you idolized growing up, or someone off the street who’s facing a difficult challenge, most would select the former. We live in a world where meeting our “idols” seems magical & precious.

Being fortunate enough to work in pro sports for as long as I did, I got that oppty to meet & hang out w the folks I idolized growing up – Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Shaquille O’Neal, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux.  At All-Star Games, the “whose who” of the celeb world would flock to one city, for social events, tech meetings, the Slam Dunk competition, & the Game itself.

While I look back at those opptys fondly, & even pinch myself that I got to experience some of what I did, I can absolutely say that the joy, fulfillment, purpose & peace I’ve felt, sitting w everyday folks who’ve faced incredible challenges has far surpassed anything that I’ve experienced in the celeb world.

One of the ways I know that deep down, putting the magnifying glass on my own brain, this is true, is the feelings I have for someone like @theofleury14. I love talking to & spending time w Theo, as a friend. It has nothing to do w his Stanley Cup Ring or his Olympic Gold Medals. I don’t think I’ve ever even asked him abt specific plays from his career or whether he liked certain players or not. I love talking to Theo bc he’s been thru awful shit, & I respect the hell out of how he’s 1) pulled himself out of it, & 2) gone on to help others so openly.

The 1st event we ever had, @anita_nall the Olympic Swimmer who won many medals at 15yrs old said (& we have it on film ;), “Being here feels like I’ve found my tribe. It’s not bc we’re all athletes & competed at a high level. It’s bc we are all humans who’ve struggled & can relate to one another in that way.”

Whether someone is a celeb, former celeb, everyday person, homeless, it says a lot about us if we can sit w those who are broken/have been broken at some point – & appreciate & enjoy THAT over just abt anything else!

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