SIAC Conference Recap

People from all different backgrounds coming together is a beautiful thing. Candidly, when I was first contacted by Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, I wasn’t fully aware of all the schools that were a part of it.


Last night, this morning, & this afternoon, we got a chance to meet w the student athlete leaders from most all the schools in the conference. These students are the heads of their “Student Athlete Advisory Committees” – something that the NCAA mandates on each campus. MH, however, is not a mandated part of the activities these committees must engage in. So, huge kudos to The SIAC for making MH the focus of the meetings these past few days in Atlanta.


All the schools that attended are Historically Black Colleges & Universities. It felt wonderful to open up, be vulnerable, & SHARE our common challenges w this unique group. The whole point of #SameHere is: our background, ethnicity, age, skin color, does not matter – we all have stories of challenges & this is what binds us together as one human tribe.


Incredible vulnerability shared – not just by former b-ball pro, Jason Adkins, who himself went to an HBCU, but by everyone in the room – from the loss of loved ones, to breakups, to family troubles, to financial challenges.


Excited to continue to work w these leaders to help set up student-led MH groups on campus & even visit individual campuses. These students were/are hungry to learn!

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