Amen Clinics: Learning More About Our Brains

Consider me a MH guinea pig. Eff it, I don’t mind it. For 2.5 yrs I was one for the medical community: 50+ med combos, 23TMS sessions, 12 ECT shock therapy treatments.  Why not be a guinea pig trying the “good stuff” that can help you all?


All the TSRR practices on our site I’ve tried, & they work (and I’m just “a guy”…I have no skin in the game as to driving ppl anywhere in particular, other than to therapies that work.) I may as well keep trying new modalities so that you all can benefit from what I/we learn. I wish I knew these treatments existed when I chased the magic pills & procedure to no avail.]


The Amen Clinics are at the cutting edge of using technology to better understand what’s going on in our brains. They were nice enough to offer me free scans of my brain. One of their decorated docs, Dr. Lowe, will be joining our Practitioner Alliance focusing on new areas not currently covered under TSSR Therapies on this site.


The scans were performed today & I documented them in the pics in this post.  I began by getting injected w an imagining solution & then sat in front of a computer screen, pressing the space bar each time a letter appeared on screen. I had to hold back when the letter X appeared. Harder than you think given our instincts 😉. This activity allowed the imagining solution to attach to parts of my brain that became active during this “thinking” exercise. I was then brought to get a 15min SPECT scan: Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography. It measured my cerebral blood flow to various areas of my brain.


This scan allows physicians to look deep inside the brain to observe 1) areas working well, 2) areas working too hard, & 3) areas not working hard enough. You can see my “smart arse” smiling inside the machine. When you’ve been poked & prodded this much previously, not much phases you. You can see my blood flow patterns on the screen next to the machine. I added some of the actual images they’re able to compare them to, based on previous tests they’ve done, to read certain patterns for disorders, like: anxiety, depression, ptsd, etc. (FYI, shocker I know, but tests have shown we all have something!) Just more data showing in fact, #weareallalittlecrazy.


They then performed a QEEG: quantitative electronencephalogram. I wore that “swimmers cap” & had lobs of conduction gel put in my hair so they could measure electrical activities in my brainwaves. Our brainwaves are supposed to interact in certain patterns thru one of five speeds.  When those patterns are “off” in any area of the brain, brain parts do not “speak” to one another, and we do not process things properly. The photo at the end is of me trying to wash the gel out of my hair – it’s like dumping a full bottle of $1.99 DEP gel on your head.


From here, the results are read, & I have my session w Dr. Lowe to review & get recommendations, tomorrow. I’ll share more then. Hope it helps.


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