South Carolina’s Event Recap

Wow, “Tyler’s 3” & the “#SameHere🤙” sign with the same group of athletes. I was blown away by the level of care that exists on campus at South Carolina surrounding MH.


When you think about all the factors that came together, that were specific to U of SC, to make this #SameHere Sit-Down happen, it’s remarkable. Consider the following:


Alliance member, Hayden Hurst, played his college ball at SC before being drafted this year by the Baltimore Ravens.  His mom, Cathy as big a fan as they come, (wore a jersey during the event last night). Jerri Spurrier, wife of iconic head coach, Steve Spurrier (still very connected to the community), was there in support. And, the most touching part of the event for me: Kym & Mark Hilinski, parents of Tyler, QB from WSU Football, who we lost tragically to suicide just over a year ago, were there to talk to the students about his story & their organization @hilinskishope. Tyler’s brother, Ryan, is currently a QB at SC as well.


Yes, Hayden & I told our stories, & yes we hope we connected, but I am absolutely floored by the courage, resilience, heart, & care for others that the Hilinskis showed by telling Tyler’s story – in the hopes that they will save lives. A family that lost their precious child, & through the tears, they are out there helping others. Hayden & I know we are fortunate to be here to tell our own stories. It’s heartbreaking that Tyler is not..but Kym & Mark are honoring him & his memory (& I love that Kym said – that he’s in the room w us now).


I am so touched by this top picture showing the student athletes sharing both the “3” sign for Tyler & the #SameHere sign, back-to-back. Also touched we had a whole session w every single coach at school.


I loved this collaboration bc if we can all acknowledge, #SameHere🤙, we all face challenges that affect our MH, we can then follow that up by proudly saying we are all #UNIT3D in attacking this topic.


SC “gets it.”

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