#SameHere With Our Youth

Can’t tell you how excited these two pictures make me.


We talk a lot about kids & schools & making a real impact early on in children’s lives…introducing them to the concept of #SameHere at such a young age that it’s all they ever really know: that we ALL face challenges in life, & those challenges affect our mental health.


Once there’s that common understanding, there is more acceptance & understanding & mental health is not about labels alone. It’s about how we are all in the same team bc of all we face.


These particular pics are in advance of a community event being put on by the young daughter of one of our #SameHere tribe, Ilana Bloch (Alexa). 5/1 at night in Livingston, NJ, with  Jim Dowd from the Devils, Darren Rovell & some other guests & exciting items.


Will put the link to the event in our profile bio. We’d love to see you there, but if not, we already have over 100 coming, & it’s nice to see, outside of schools alone, that community members are taking this issue into their own hands & asking for events to open the conversation! Amazing to see all us “adults” in profiles, daily….but I’m sure you agree it’s even more rewarding to see the next generation take this topic, own it, & run with it!

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