#SameHere’s Top 9 of 2019

2019 wasn’t all rainbows & butterflies, personally. Lots of ups & downs…lots to learn from.


But seeing this trending on IG, it appears there’s a top #9of2019 going arnd. For WAALC & the #SameHere Movment, it’s been an incredibly rewarding yr. Here are 9 highlights – random order based on the pics shown here – to show the diversity in the growth taking place to make #5in5 the reality, when it comes to everyone talking abt how MH affects us ALL:


1) Presenting to over 500 school social workers, therapists, & psychologists in LI. NY is leading the way in MH education, & now, from this keynote, alone, we’re working w schools all over NY.


2) While we’ve done many MH Awareness nights w teams, the Florida Panthers were the first to specifically host a #SameHere night…a trend you’ll hear more of in 2020 from pro teams we’ll be working w/.


3) Our 1st event open to the community w the The Sophia Valsamos Foundatikn & Mike Mauti. We do many at schools/colleges, but w open events, anyone can come to, the opptys are limitless.


4) Adding an icon like Doc Gooden & his ex-wife Monique Gooden & their incredibly relatable story to the Celeb Alliance. Much more w them in 2020.


5) Robin Lehner choosing to wear #SameHere on his Dave Art goalie mask & Brien’s Goalie Pads.


6) First event directly w #SameHere Student groups in K-12s, the @nuyu.team & @the.heal.team


7) While we do many college events, our 1st ever event w a full NCAA conference, The SIAC & specifically many of the HBCU’s


8) The launch of the #SameHere Schools online curriculum w our partners, @belouga__


9) Getting some national media love from CNBC & specifically Becky Quick (I had a few lbs to lose back then ;)).


Skipping over a lot – new celebs, #SameHere Heroes, Influencers, college visits, partner collabs like the @thegoalieguild, beginning of docu filming, launch of the #SameHere Source newsletter, etc.


And more to come in 2020 w a #SameHere CEO Alliance, #SameHere (Integrative) Psych Alliance, podcasts, teacher certifications & on. Biggest takeaway – seeds are being planted & watered so that we can change the way society perceives MH. Slow but rewarding build. Thx to everyone involved!

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