7/27/18 #SameHere Hero: The People And City of Prague

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: The people in, and the city of Prague!
If you want to visit a place that is just incredibly beautiful – topography, landscape, architecture, culture, this would be a great choice.
This picture is a cross-section of folks I did get to speak with about #SameHere. Practitioner Alliance member, Kim Barthel, and her husband, Bob Spensely, and their global efforts I shard yesterday really inspired me. Yes, that silver man is a street performer – and while he didn’t speak back to me, he did do the robot dance into the #SameHere hand sign.
The picture with the brick in the middle was for a charity where I donated some money for a chance to paint a brick to help people with “mental disabilities” in this country. So nice to see flags and colors from all around the world representing bricks that symbolize donations from people from all over.
Also was nice to visit the John Lennon Graffiti Wall – just by the city’s main bridge, and to see something similar to a #SameHere painted on the wall. I’ll pretend it was a sign for all of us to keep going with this message. Hope you enjoy the pics of the city!

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