#SameHere Show Special Podcast About Harbaugh

As discussed from yesterday, here is the segment, just posted to YouTube, with Darren Rovell & Dr. Chelsi Day, sports psychologist from Indiana University.


Find out why these comments from the coach were problematic. Hear directly from Dr. Day as to what the transfer and waiver process is like for college athletes. Hear about the great program Michigan does have. Learn about the coach/student/psychologist relationship, and find out what we can do to move forward and use this incident to further the conversation in a productive way.


You can find the link to the segment up on #SameHere Show YouTube page and @SameHereShow on Spotify and all other places where you can listen to podcasts.


The only way we will improve the situation is if we actually DISCUSS it, and not over Twitter.


Here is the link to the YouTube post of the discussion:








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