1/22/18 Hero: Oasis Place, Malaysia

This is just a beautiful picture for many reasons. Thank you to Kim Barthel who is an expert practitioner on our TSRR Alliance board, specializing in Neurobiology and Occupational Therapy. She’s like “The Trauma Whisperer.”

In this pic she’s helping to build a Global #SameHereSociety at Oasis Place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There w her husband, Bob Spensley, she was teaching a course called: “Mindfulness When Supporting Challenging Behaviours” and she got everyone together to snap this #sameherepicture!

Kim, as well as most of our Alliance Members, travel all over the world delivering messages of hope, stories of lived experiences, and MH best practices. We look forward to getting many more pictures like this from our Alliance Members, and YOU, as the #SameHeremessage spreads globally!

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