11/1/18 #SameHere Hero: Lauren Thomas

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: Laura Thomas @thefreemovement2015


I gotta say this topic is one we haven’t covered – & is a fascinating one. Laura talks about traumatic experiences in early life that propelled her into a career as an exotic dancer, looking for what she refers to as “that fast cash lifestyle.”  She learned character traits that are manipulative, to help her be successful…but traits she ultimately believes, looking back, are harmful to ourselves & one another. She’s since written a book & started her own platform about recognizing these traits, & learning to avoid using them & falling prey to them. Welcome, Lauren!


“I have been many different forms of a victim. But, I am a survivor.  I’ve been emotionally, verbally, & sexually abused as a child, & neglected as a teen. I made one bad decision after another growing up, but still I survived. I started noticing character traits – specifically how human behaviors & character traits play a role in our mental health. Around this time I went through 6 yrs of intense weekly counseling (2x a week).


When it was explained to me that what I’d been through was never my fault, I began my acting out.  I ended up as a teen mom, and I began my Exotic Dancing career. This career lasted almost 12 years of my life. I used what my own predator had taught me & from this ‘emotional hustler’ was born. I emotionally hustled men in the club & I was very good at it. I learned about human behavior & what every man wants. I became it for all men, I lied to all. I manipulated emotions to get what I wanted.


However, I met my significant other while changing my path in life once again. He challenged me to finish a book I’d held onto for 20 years. Back when I was in my early 20’s I’d started to write down these character traits that I’d encountered. I came up with 100 different character traits: 50 for men & 50 for women.


I’ve realized these traits are becoming more relevant in common life. My book to me is self help with a juicy twist. This book has started a movement thefreemovement & THEFREE is an acronym: Talented Hustlers Enlightening Females Respectfully Empowering Entrepreneurs – which is exactly what the movement does. We give ladies who are struggling with desiring that ‘fast cash’ lifestyle, opportunities, & we are growing!


I’ve been a teacher for as long as I’ve danced & I’ve seen our young teens glamorize that ‘fast cash’ lifestyle.  I see the urgency for a need to change the outlook on that lifestyle. I speak to everyone who will listen about character traits & bringing awareness. I do not allow harmful character traits in my life anymore. That doesn’t mean that I don’t encounter them daily. I just chose to help others only now. I have taught a lot of my friends & family about these character traits. I’m happy to see a change in reactions now that they can identify certain behaviors. The people who learn how to recognize them are rarely affected by them.


I’m really new to any social media. I didn’t need it to have a happy life. But when I published my book I was told social media is where I need to be, so Dec. of 2017 I made a Instagram. I’m glad I did, as I now have over 4k followers & climbing. I had no idea about social media before – just fbook for family. I have faithful viewers that want to see my videos & read my posts. I want to bring awareness related to what manipulative behaviors & character traits are out there. I want to help end this epidemic that is taking our young innocence from us – that ‘fast cash’ lifestyle.  Those following me agree…they’ve followed my #SameHere story & seem to really love my page.

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