12/6/18 #SameHere Hero: Jackie Kelm

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: the newest member of the TSRR Practitioner Alliance, Jackie Kelm.


Since launch, we’ve only championed 13 unique MH coping & healing practices/practitioners. We work w our Board to approve practices that have been shown, through trials, science, & research to work. I personally am in the middle of taking Jackie’s: “Emotional Brain Training” & am thrilled w the results thus far:


Bio: Jackie’s written several books & has worked w thousands of ppl to help them “rewire their brains” thru simple daily exercises to become truly happy long-term. Her latest program helps ppl w anhedonia, who have gone completely numb emotionally & have lost interest in everything they used to enjoy, & everyone they used to love.


Jackie developed anhedonia herself in 2013 & was unable to find answers. So, she turned to neuroscience & her “Appreciative Living” work expertise to create a brain training program (similar to CBT but more focused on emotions specifically), that completely restored her ability to feel. She’s since helped many others get their good feelings back & now offers an online home study course.


According to Jackie, this is why Emotional Brain Training works to improve MH: Anhedonia, or “emotional flatlining” causes a complete breakdown in the brain’s ability to produce positive feelings. A person w this condition cannot feel love, happiness, interest, caring, or any positive emotion, so life feels meaningless & empty. This can happen from a variety of things incl: trauma, anxiety, inflammation, & drug side effects.


Jackie created a 15-min daily brain training program done at home, that stimulates & rewires the feeling pathways in the brain. Many ppl have had success w the program(🔗 on TSRR Practitioner page) in starting to feel again, & those who’ve continued, over time, were able to regain their full range & depth of positive feelings.

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