#SameHere Sit-Down Stop #2: Indiana University

The more we do these #SameHere Sit-Downs w colleges & universities, the more we gain an appreciation for how our next generation wants to learn about mental fitness.


The Indiana Hoosiers were no exception last night, after having just come from Indiana State on a Greyhound 2 nights before (no better way to get arnd the Midwest).


Both the Hoosiers & Sycamores have an incredibly collaborative group of athletes, coaches & administrators (on the athletics & counseling side of things) – & we continue to be wowed by how students, who normally have their phones permanently attached to their hands, spend hours in an engaged & attentive way around such a vital topic.


Last night, Derek Anderson & I had an extremely rewarding experience w the Hoosiers students & staff, led by Lisa Winters. Some of the questions at the end, & even from students who came up individually, demonstrate a desire to dive deep into understanding this topic.


To have a 6’5” offensive lineman raise his hand & ask about skills he can use when he gets “flustered/anxious” (in front of ALL of his peers)…or to have concerned students ask how they can convince their friends to seek help, when they’ve been resistant in the past, is what makes this work so rewarding.


Lastly, we received a note on IG DM shortly after the event that was so heartfelt and touching from a student who thanked us for the impact the event had on her. Making impressions like that is why we do this work. No feeling in the world compares to being able to help others in this way (& coming from working in sports I…& I’m sure Derek, never thought we’d be able to say that).

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