9/28/19 #SameHere Hero: Shelby Syed

Today’s #SameHere🤙 Hero: Shelby Syed.


I had to do a double take after reading Shelby’s story today – it felt serendipitous that her story was lined up next – directly after yesterday’s post about the loss of the USA Judo’s star, Jack Hatton, to suicide. In Jack’s case I pointed out the possibility that when we feel successful & in control, & we hyper focus on our success, we may be neglecting what’s affected us in the past. Insert Shelby’s story here!


Someone who spent early life dominating – sports, academics, degrees, relationships, financial independence – was actually hurting a lot inside from her past, but couldn’t understand why there was a depression that kept resurfacing every so often.


Last year, she spent the whole year in self-discovery, getting to know herself, deep down…and emerged better than ever – realizing what’s truly important. The result? She started @Fit2BeFree_ok which helps many other men & women go on the same journey she did, a journey you’ll hear more about below. We’re thankful Shelby did the work & “got to the source” & isn’t a statistic. A lot of wisdom in her experience, & we welcome her to the Heroes:


“In 2018 I didn’t make any big checks off my bucket list, or go on some awesome vacation. For an entire year I rested. I deeply invested time into myself by getting to know the depths of my own battles with self-love.


I sat in classrooms and doctors offices trying to accept/understand my depression. My fast-paced life never allowed for a moment to stop and smell the roses. Nor did I have time to feel depressed. You see, I excelled at anything! I pushed myself through varsity sports, advanced academics, graduations, over achieved in my relationships, bought my own things/cars: I was my own hero!


I honestly knew how to accomplish it all, but I didn’t know anything about the Shelby inside, and why my depression kept manifesting in other areas of my life.


In 2018 I decided to start opening up about my #SameHere story and found that so many women/men could relate to my faulty theology – that a performance-driven-life on the outside wasn’t the answer. It was simply a coping mechanism from my past that kept me from inner-peace and freedom.


I channel my creativity into a support system I’ve created called FIT2BFree (Finding Inner Transformation). I started this side project in 2018 after a long journey of health conditions and trials. I needed a ‘me’ back then, so in return, I help young women/men find their ‘free’ through the eyes of self-love and self-care, which promotes wellness/fitness from the inside out! My hope, is that by sharing my journey i’ll help to redefine meaning of being ‘Fit.’


By openly sharing, I’ve made connections and friends around the world! I think our stories unify us and can help others heal by giving power to our own voice.”

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