3/13/19 #SameHere Hero: Grey Chapin

I am in awe of the strength, courage & heart of this young woman. So young – take a look at the pictures of her with her sister, Blair, in these two photos.
We’ve talked a lot on this page within the last yr about many different challenges faced. My own challenges were heavily focused on the health battles of one of my siblings. However, we have not had a hero share what it’s like to be the sibling of a child diagnosed specifically w a terminal illness.  The stats Grey shares on the commonality of losing a young sibling are sobering.
Her story conveys the clear love she had & continues to have for her sister, Blair, who we lost too soon. But it also shares how she is taking that challenge & using her experience for the betterment of others through a website & Movement devoted to siblings sharing stories, memories, common challenges when their loved one faces a terminal illness. Please read Grey’s full story & check out her website at theblairconnection.org.
“Being the sibling of someone w a terminal illness is hard. You face challenges & emotions unlike anyone else in your family. Although, siblings are often overlooked. While 5-8% of children experience the death of a sibling, the loss is rarely discussed. Siblings are often forced to ‘camouflage’ their feelings, as they believe that nobody will understand what they’re going through. The B.L.A.I.R. Connection gives siblings a platform to express these emotions w those who truly understand, other siblings.
I came up with the idea to start a sibling support website in July of 2017, just four months after my sister, Blair, passed away. I had an incredible support system to get me through this difficult time, though I realized that most siblings aren’t this lucky. My website allows siblings to post blogs, photos, videos, & share their story in every way possible.
While The B.L.A.I.R. Connection is simply a platform for siblings to express their emotions, it also aims to raise awareness for siblings’ challenges & start a conversation about the emotions that siblings are often forced to hide. Not surprisingly, ​research has found​ that preteens who had lost a sibling had higher anxiety & depression levels than those who did not. All siblings of terminally ill children are #SameHere Heros. They support their brother or sister every day & stay strong while going through one of the most difficult situations. They are the heroes that inspired me to start The B.L.A.I.R. Connection & continue to inspire me everyday.
The B.L.A.I.R. Connection supports the siblings of those facing terminal illness & can be found at theblairconnection.org. You can read my full story about my sister, Blair, at theblairconnection.org.

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