4/16/18 #SameHere Hero: Gina The Advocate

A great example of a #SameHere🤙 message helping others by one of our “Crazy” advocates. We didn’t ask Gina to write this. She chose to on her own, and the responses have been outstanding on fbook. It takes just one gesture like this to change and even possibly save someone’s life. What’s your #SameHere Story?


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Gina’s Post:


“It was a really tough week! This was one of those, I might need to call my therapist weeks, but I didn’t, but I still might and that’s ok. I didn’t call because of this amazing support system I have found myself to be a part of and I don’t even know how it happened. For one I have an amazing husband, who recognized my struggles and sent flowers to me at work just because he wanted me to know he loved me.


Second, I reached out to my support in the global alliance #wearallalittlecrazy, it’s a global mental health movement full of healthy resources and supportive “crazy” people. They (we) recognize that mentally healthy and mentally ill is really an illusion, at any given moment we can slip one way or another.


A lot of times, I know for me, stress along with insensitive comments can send me right along over to the “crazy” side of the spectrum. Having suffered from depression after my children, ADD my whole life, and PTSD as an adult I find myself on a teeter totter of overall mental wellness.


If you have experienced this, these feelings of balancing on the edge, and questioning “am I well?” you are not alone. There are so many of us out here in the world. People don’t realize when they experience stress, traumas, stuff in their lives, it makes it difficult to think clearly, and whether you have had a diagnosis of a disorder or not, your brain can go haywire and what you think is clarity is not. As my friend Eric Kussin told me one day, sometimes we need someone else to be our eyes and ears. I needed that this week and I got it. What I was telling myself was not the real story, it was BS. It wasn’t easy to tell myself something new but I did it, because I had the tools and I know how to use them. MINDFULLNESS, MEDITATION AND CBT, these are sometimes the only tools getting me from one moment to another.


If you need a support system, if you need help but don’t know where to get it, if you need a community, a family who will help you find the resources you need to get well (momentarily at least 🤪)…..reach out, speak up, say “same here” 🤙🏻. By doing so you will help others. I see so many people that don’t ask for help just get lost in worry, anxiety, dwelling, if they would just ask, speak up, let someone else be their eyes and ears for the time being, until they can open their own eyes again because the world isn’t so scary anymore, they would see they are not alone. Thank you to the #weareallalittlecrazy alliance and advocate network. My new friend Erin downunder, I’m not sure I would have made it through the week with out her communication. I know she saved me a therapist copay, so I owe her$20 when I see her . I’m not the best writer anymore (I used to be better at it when I could think more clearly) so I hope this all came out ok, and if it didn’t, oh well, refer to “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F” by Mark Manson. I’m a human, I have a brain, it no longer controls my emotions (not all the time anyway) and I’m not perfect.”

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