4/11/18 #SameHere Hero: Giano from the UK

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: Giano from the UK.


As our Movement is being driven by a growing Alliance, we are of the belief that it is literally going to take a village to course correct the way our society, globally, treats mental health.


Because of that – whether through #SameHere🤙Hero stories, our Advocacy Alliance, & other communications, we have been introducing you to great advocates from around the world, who are doing wonderfully impactful things in this space.

We love it when MH is explored not just through words but through the arts as well. One of Giano’s missions is to enable well-being through creativity. The work that you see here is her in creation…it reflects her thoughts about how you are: A Warrior when you allow your Courage to define you, as opposed to your Fears!


She’s started an #iamwarriormystory campaign, where she listens to the story of individuals living that mantra: of allowing their Courage to define them, specifically. I’m therefore honored that Giano read my original post back from last May about my battle, and put me in her warrior category, creating a piece of art that she believes more succinctly defines how I’ve attacked my life since my battle. She uses that background for all of her #iamwarriormystory creations bc of how well the piece expresses that warrior attitude.


I’m my case (she boiled down my story into 3 main messages): I went through my battle for a reason that seems like it was meant to be, #SameHere🤙 is a vehicle allowing me to connect people through our common battles, & from my experience I learned MH exists on a spectrum we all fit into as opposed to two categories of “mentally ill” & “normal” that actually separate us.

Thank you Giano – this is such a clever & creative way to approach MH advocacy & healing & you will forever be a partner of this Global MH Movement!



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