#SameHere Sports Event With The Clippers

Apologies for the radio silence for a few days. Lots of fun in LA w the Clippers.


Full employee event, something we’ve been doing w teams arrnd pro sports, called #SameHere Sports.


First, wanted to send a big shout out to the org’s HR manager, Michelle Zylstra as she’s been in touch abt this for MONTHS, meticulously planning to ensure this was “just so” for her staffers. Mental & emotional health is a topic she champions greatly, all the way back to her time as a Northwestern Women’s Hoops player.


Michelle had the whole organization there, we did it at the Grammy Museum in a perfect room to hold a mid-sized group, w theatre seating, screens, lighting, & sound.


Funny how things come full circle, as my sales contact at the Clipps, back when I first started at the NBA, Carl Lahr, was set to announce his retirement this day (& I was honored to be there for it). He’d been w the team since ‘81!! Also there was the employee w the Clipps who I worked on player/fan connection back in my NBA days, Denise Booth. Seeing these folks is a real reminder of how life takes many turns, but you also get led back to great ppl.


Like the Predators President, the Clippers Biz side Pres, Gillian Zucker, was there to show the employees how impt this topic is to her/the whole org. Their head of HR, Raymond Ortegaso, came to introduce the program.


Was so enthused by the attention & interactivity of the staff. The program ran over 2.5 hours, IN-SEASON at the trade deadline, yet they were all focused. The Clipps used a technology that allowed employees to write in questions, anonymously. We were able to flip btwn pre-planned question to open up important topics, but also the questions the employees wanted answers to most.


We talked a LOT abt the “1in5” msg alienating the other “4in5” from focusing on this topic. So much so, even in their questions, that I added the pic of talking abt the “4in5” on slide two ;). That’s why it’s so rewarding when, at the end, the whole group comes up to take the #SameHere photo. It’s a topic for “5in5.”


Special thx to renowned neurobiologist, Kristen Willeumier & Rugby player/commentator Marc Stcherbina, great friends, for participating in this awesome event!

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