7/12/18 #SameHere Hero: Eli from the Philippines

Today’s #SameHere🤙 Hero, Eli, really warms my heart because it’s a story courtesy of a young woman from Iriga City, Philippines. To think she has been reading all of YOUR hero stories from across the world via social media, and decided to reach out, and share her own story related to how childhood bullying affected her, is incredible.
It shows the power of sharing common challenges, and common ways to rehab, regardless of where we live, or what our culture is like. Eli held in her bullying bc her fam was already dealing w their own issues. That’s something I’m sure many can related to. Thank you Eli
“I was bullied from elementary all the way through to my junior high school years. I was isolated, so I didn’t have any friends at all, and my family had problems of their own, so I kept the bullying to myself.
Days came where I was always nervous around other people and I would cry for no reason at all. I couldn’t sleep. I lost my appetite.
I didn’t ask for help. A situation forced help on me. There was an incident where me and my dorm mates argued and it triggered an anxiety attack which lead to me losing consciousness and then waking up in the hospital. Then, I learned from the doctors that I had depression and anxiety disorder.
I take medication and go to therapy. But what has helped tremendous has been swimming, walking, exercising, playing games, vlogging in youtube and in blogger, going on dates with my boyfriend, and playing with my dogs.
When I told people what I was struggling with, they were shocked, especially my family, since they thought I was a happy and cheerful child because I kept the bullying issue from them. I hope my #SameHere story will help others.”
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