8/30/18 #SameHere Hero: Asheton Brown

Very excited to announce the addition of Asheton Brown or @smasheton to WAALC’s #SameHere Influencer Alliance, led by Darren Rovell.
I’ve been so impressed by Asheton’s message on all of her social pages since I’ve been following her. She’s no doubt loud…no doubt confident…no doubt a “ham for the camera”…but she’s unapologetic about it, and understandably so.
In conversations we’ve talked about how there are parts of confidence that help you get an important message out there – so long as you are a good person and care about others first and foremost. She knows how to toe that line well. She always delivers a message about truth and sincerity. You’ll see her share her falls during training, just as much as her smiles at the beach.
She’s worth the follow and certainly someone we are excited to have on board the #SameHere crew. You can check out her full profile in the Influencer section, here:


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