4/9/18 Hero: Anna From “The Stubborn Way” Blog

Today’s #SameHere🤙 Hero: Anna @thestubbornwaycom (on insta) and (thestubbornway.com blog)…just a heads up, unless you speak Dutch, you’ll need a translator tool 😊! But her raw words are worth the translation effort. The details provided in this Hero story don’t get into the intricacies of the situation as much as others we’ve shared. That’s ok…sometimes, fewer details can help highlight a major takeaway; in this case: Anna and her girlfriend were sent from doctor to doctor, and felt almost completely ALONE in their search for help. I can’t tell you how many times I hear this: “when meds don’t work, our specialists don’t know where to point us.” Often, because of stigma, people don’t ask for help. On the contrary, Anna and her girlfriend were actively looking for that help, and couldn’t find anyone to show them a path. That’s why we advocate TSRR therapies so much: under the “Expert” tab on weareallalittlecrazy.org. Releasing and Rewiring the Stress and Trauma in our systems takes work…takes a daily routine much like a physical health routine…but it’s the work that’s necessary to heal…and it’s how we heal outside of taking meds, or at least taking meds alone. We must actually heal our Central Nervous Systems and bodies, because unfortunately chasing miracle drug combos or procedures alone, does not work. Anna our hearts go out to you and your families and we thank you for sharing in the hopes of helping others).


“I lost my girlfriend to suicide after a long and painful struggle with mental health problems.  I still miss her every day.  This event made me once more realise how important mental health is and how little the topic is accepted and talked about in our society.  We fought so hard for help when she was suffering but got too little, too late.  This still makes me very angry.


We asked for help uncountable times. We got in contact with so many professionals who should have known how to deal with her circumstances, but in the end, we got sent from one specialist to the next.  It truly felt like it was the two of us dealing with the situation alone..


After her death, I got a ton of help and support from friends and family.  I tried (and continue to try) to go step-by-step, not rushing the grievance. Talking about it openly certainly helps.  I dedicate myself also to mental health awareness.  By writing and sharing what happened to me, I want to support others and encourage open dialogue about mental health.  I believe breaking the taboo about the topic will finally help in preventing the outrageous number of suicides.


With respect to the reactions I’ve gotten as I’ve been sharing my story, most people have expressed how sorry they are for me and her, and how terrible this must feel to go through.  Recently I got some feedback from people who read my blog who say they feel supported by me writing about all of it and putting it out there. This makes me feel like the writing is truly helping others. So I’ll continue to share my #SameHere Story in the hopes of helping others and breaking down the stigma – and encouraging a system that helps others more than we were able to be helped.”

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