What Happens When We Know Others Struggle Too?

What does this stat tell you? So many people “knew” Robin Williams – from TV, movies, etc. Most didn’t know him personally, but what they knew of him was, he appeared happy and full of life. Taking his own life caused the largest bump in calls from folks asking for help from this hotline, ever. Not mentioned in this graphic is that 70% of the calls that day came from ppl who had never called the hotline before. When people who are struggling hear about people they “know” who are also struggling/have struggled, they are more likely to think that it’s ok to open up and ask for help. This is a big motivation for our #weareallalittlecrazyalliance of athletes and celebs being announced on November 14th at our inaugural event. When we can collectively show the world that even these “seemingly perfect” individuals, all under one umbrella alliance, fight through life’s obstacles just like everyone else, we will begin a movement that we are hopeful will change the world. #weareallalittlecrazy.

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