Ex NHL Player Rob Schremp’s Podcast

In work/office/even passion project settings, we’re applauded for being “the first one in, last one out.” We’re told we are ambitious & determined.


Athletes are told the same thing when they practice longer/harder than anyone else. But what if this myopic focus on our craft, is a coping mechanism to “get away” or distract ourselves from uncomfortable thoughts we know we’ll have if we don’t “busy” ourselves.


Former NHL 1st Round Pick Rob went to the rink as a youngster just to escape uncomfortable thoughts. The thoughts were so intense that he had an experience at only age 12, with a gun in his hand, thoughts of self-harm, & a trigger pulled, that fortunately for all of us, didn’t go off. He miraculously survived that event & is here now to help others.


As a supremely skilled hockey player, Rob got to see a lot in his career – both this highs & the lows & some of the ugly parts of the business – including how it treats ppl who battle mental health complications.

Rob is real & raw & one of the rare souls out there telling his story, selflessly for the benefits of others. Listen to this compelling episode by checking out the link in the scroll on our home page. He’s just awesomely sincere.








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