Everything Is Not As Shiny As It Seems In Pictures

Been posting a bunch recently while on this college tour. Lots of the pics show the fun we are having – the new athletes or celebs we are meeting and adding to the alliance, the #SameHere🤙 pics we are taking with the college students, the beautiful campuses we are getting to see.


That said, I/we would be doing a disservice and being very hypocritical if that’s all we showed. We talk about not looking at social media as a basis of comparison bc ppl seem to only post “the good in their lives.”


Part of being on the road truly sucks. You miss family and friends. You miss bdays and parties of ppl close to you. But, you also get run down. Not surprisingly, building this movement from scratch, we are not at a point where we can just hire drivers and go on our merry way. This leg of the trip has been: a flight to Detroit, drive to Ann Arbor, drive to Bloomington, drive to Kentucky, drive to Cincinnati, drive to Chicago…then to Madison today, Northern Illinois tomorrow…and back to downtown Chicago for Loyola on the 10th.


I’m fortunate to have ppl in my life who remind me to: take care of me. Sounds kinda self-serving, but the line that always hits me the most is: “No one else can drink from your well if it’s empty.”


This pic I share is one I haven’t shown publicly. It’s of me when I was in that bed staring at the ceiling for those 2.5 yrs, groundhogs day. It’s a reminder to me that life wears on us. Yes meeting athletes, talking to schools, helping ppl w theirs lives is a ton of fun, but it’s also draining.


What reminds me to do my self care practices is that pic – it’s in my head so I don’t need to physically see it, but now you know what it looks like in my mind. I don’t ever want to get back “there.”


Please take care of yourselves. Look into TSRR. Check out the videos that @egmx is sharing. We need YOU to be healthy too, so you can be the best you, and can help others.

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