Qigong Class In Idonesia Learns About And Poses For #SameHere

The guy on the right is our instructor for this 8 day course – “Budiman.” He is “The Man.”
Last time I took a bio course was HS. 9th grade Intro and then 12th grade AP Bio. I had great teachers but I can definitively say I’ve learned more about the workings of the human body in 5 days from Budiman than I did both those years combined.
Been describing him to friends/fam as a walking encyclopedia of East/West medicine, who bases all of his practices in real science and functionality. He’s incredibly gifted.
The pic on the left is part of our class. Pic was too big so it got partially cut off. About 40 of us. What I love about spreading #SameHere🤙 as I’ve been traveling , is how universally it translates. As we were taking a “class picture” Budiman called me up to explain: It’s an ASL sign that means everyone one of us who are human face challenges and those challenges affect MH for ALL of us…and it is meant to comfort all those going through anything and help them open up and not feel alone. When explained that way, you see the reaction you get from ppl you’ve just met, all willing/wanting to join in. Such good energy.
I’m the tall white dummy in the circle on the top right. I called it out bc, yes I’ve always been in the back row for pics, but this is the first time everyone else was standing on chairs and I wasn’t ! But, I take it as a badge of honor being from a diff place and looking diff than everyone. We need to better cross-pollinate this knowledge! Too much out there that works, when combined, not to.

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