Searching For Purpose In Your Job, Or Elsewhere

…through your career?


Was having a convo last night w someone who’s currently working for a pro sports team. She shared how she has no interest in moving up & taking on management responsibilities, despite the chance at better title & pay, bc what she loves abt this job is her relationship w clients, & her ability to deliver an experience to their groups, that they wait the whole yr for.


When I used to interview entry level sales reps, we’d make sure to tell them, if you have a passion for sport & sports alone, this isn’t the job for you. Your day-to-day will be sales, & just having a passion for WHAT you are selling, if you don’t have a passion for the core objective, that passion only goes so far.


I bring this all up bc while it seems so obvious, the friend above I referenced, challenged me last night to think abt if part of the reason I got sick, had to take off, & ultimately came back – not directly in team sports, was bc my passion & purpose weren’t aligned & my body took notice.


Think abt your career – whether it’s sports, sales, fashion, art, music, numbers, money management, teaching, etc. You may have a passion for the TOPIC, but does your day-to-day, & do your objectives feel purposeful?


Using myself as an example, yes I grew up loving sports & yes I went to go work “in” pro sports right out of school. BUT, the day-to-day that made it purposeful was: training reps, helping grow young careers, providing guidance, ensuring fans had an enjoyable time, etc. Looking back, sports was just the backdrop to the core that gave me purpose – helping ppl.


That’s what I loved. But as I grew in my career & managing office politics became more the focus, it meant I could do less of what felt purposeful – helping ppl. It didn’t matter that sports was the “thing” I had passion for.


This new role I feel purposeful every day bc I get to help ppl. It doesn’t matter that sports is only part of it, & sometimes NONE of it.


Think to your own careers…or your own daily schedules. You may be IN something you’re passionate abt, but are the daily roles purposeful? If the answer is no, do you think there’s something better aligned for you out there?

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