More Evidence The Current Messages Aren't Getting Through

I woke up this morning to this email that came through the “contact us” button on…does it sadden and shock you the way it does me?
Email Submission:
“hi, i just want to ask if i am suffering from depression coz i just want to be alone most of the time. when i am in front of a crowd, my hands are sweating and trembling and i cant control the beat of my heart and stutter when im speaking with someone. im forgetful and i feel empty. i dont wanna talk to anybody, cant sleep and am easily annoyed. is this normal or what? i cant handle the emptiness i am feeling right now.”
This is so sobering. In a time period where ppl are celebrating that – we have more and more celebrities talking about their disorders…and more and more media coverage – you gotta ask, how’s it possible that someone like this emailer, who has these symptoms, is just now reaching out through a website, crying for help, unaware as to how common these symptoms are? (we have reached back out to get them help)
In school (granted I went to HS in the late 90s), we erroneously learned that: Depression is sadness. Anxiety is being nervous. And PTSD is what “soldiers get.” Things are getting better as I visit schools now, but it’s not SO far off from the way it was, across the board. Only NY and Virginia currently have laws mandating MH curriculum for next school year.
This is why we push so hard for reform in the naming conventions of MH messaging! We NEED to speak to people who don’t even know they have symptoms of disorders (or symptoms that can lead to them). This is why we push so hard telling athletes and celebs – it’s NOT just about sharing a disorder you have – it’s about sharing the details and symptoms so that others can relate and realize this pertains to many more than we are currently reaching. It’s why we get on the media for only covering headlines. And finally it’s why we are going on tour to colleges, K-12 schools, corporate offices, and servicemen/women’s groups to talk details face-to-face.
Without the above – how many more are out there are like this emailer, just lost?

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