Positive Mental Health Changes Due To Covid

Too early to talk about the possible upsides?  I think it’s appropriate, given how these changes are helping ppl.

Very encouraged to see moves like what’s shared in this article.  For the companies that can afford it: more mental health services for employees.  For the states where the leaders understand the big picture (often it seems bc their leaders have fam members w lived experiences), like NY & LA, a focus MH programs during this challenging time.

We have to see this as progress.  Even if it’s only some states & some companies…even if it doesn’t get nearly enough press: that we have leaders who are focusing on the whole person, & not just the physical body alone, during what’s considered a physical health pandemic, is absolutely progress.

For this post, I searched terms such as: “States/Companies begin to take mental health seriously amid COVID-19.” Nothing came up a match. Doesn’t seem reporters are picking up on the more macro trends.  That’s ok. Let’s take these little moves being made forward, even if they are happening bit-by-bit.

Progress during a difficult time, is still progress!

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