What Plaque In Our Arteries Can Teach Us About Mental Health

We hear it all the time when it comes to MH awareness & MH education: “it’s hard to explain to people, that which we cannot SEE.”


Break a leg & everyone feels bad.  Major surgery & everyone brings flowers.  In bed with MH complications & people don’t know how to react. Maybe more importantly, most people don’t do anything ABOUT their own MH until symptoms or disorders arise. We aren’t proactive.


So, what is an example of something that’s physical/scientific, but we can’t actually “see” until it’s built up, & starts doing damage to us in terms of symptoms & complications?


Plaque In Our Arteries!


Neglect what you eat, how you work out, & throw in genetic predisposition -most ppl have been educated now, that you’re at risk for plaque build-up, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, etc.


The SAME goes for how stress & trauma silently build up in our systems. It’s in our brains, it’s in our bodies, in our meridians. It’s there in the form of stagnant energy, inflammation, & so many other “physical” ways. And just like plaque, yes, genetics & lifestyle play a factor.


Maybe we can learn a lesson from how we finally broke through to the masses about the health of our hearts & arteries. Maybe we can use these analogies to better educate about the need for proactive MH attention & care.

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