“Physical” Not “Social” Distancing

No doubt I consider myself a “word nerd” but whoever named the activity they are asking us to engage in right now – “Social Distancing” is missing an important nuance of that phrase.  Feelings of isolation, when ppl are quarantined, are REAL.

I get it – the “social” came from limiting activities such as going to restaurants, bars, etc., where we typically “socialize,” however, the better term would really be “Physical Distancing.”

At a time like this, more than ever we DO need to SOCIALIZE.  We need parents talking w their kids, friends checking in on each other, coworkers sharing strategies as to how they are coping, subject matter experts chiming in and helping where possible.

Yes, our FORM of socializing may need changing right now – but the NEED TO socialize is more important than ever.  Stay physically away from one another so we can slow down this spread, but please do stay socially close to one another through talks at home, phone, FaceTime, zoom, and any other video capabilities you have. Let’s lift each other up!

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