Small Things Make A BIG Difference – Even Email Messages

I. Effen. Love. This.
Here’s the background to this post: I was sending an email to the Alliance members about the upcoming tour dates for the #SameHere🤙 Sit Down College Tour this fall, to see who can make each visit.
Immediately I got Chamique Holdsclaw’s out of office response, posted here (don’t worry I checked w her to make sure it was kosher I shared it publicly 🤣).
Some may not see this as a big deal – but I see it as a HUGE deal. Chamique is a leader. Always has been back to the days when I was working in the WNBA and she was the best female player in the world. She now just puts her stuff out there, transparently.
We begin most of our #SameHere🤙 Programs with videos that start with the line: “Imagine a world where….” Well imagine a world where everyone, when prudent, can put in their out of office – I’m taking a day, a week, and in Mique’s case, full month 😉 for my Mental Health! Instead we always see: “on vacation…taking some down time…going off the radar for a bit.”
The value in this type of trailblazing communication cannot be measured. Putting mental health into the mainstream convo in an office setting, for any industry, any office, any level of employee, anywhere in the world – that’s game-changing. It sets the groundwork for it to be ok for others to feel and communicate the same way. Why’s that important? Because having one less thing to have to cover up about is so healthy. Thanks to Chamique for being a leader. We need more of THIS!

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