Our Technology Adds To Our Divisiveness

Yes, our country & even our world is divided rt now. But there are many factors that go into that division. The stat shown here wowed me. We’re consuming WAY more info now, than our brains ever have in the history of humankind – faster than evolution can keep up.
Rewind to simpler times….the mid ‘90s ;)…not too far ago, huh? We’d read the newspaper….log on to our AOL usually through dial-up, check the 3 new emails we received, & then be off to work – typically on some major project we were collaborating on.
Consider this…there were no: Slack msgs, text msgs, push notifications, IG/FBook/Twitter/Snap/Linked-In DMs…you didn’t have folders to get back to emails that hadn’t been answered in months bc of mounting “more urgent” ones…your TV wasn’t in your hand, your news feed wasn’t a never-ending scroll of real-time updates.
Tech has made our world faster & even more efficient. But it’s also contributed to a lot of our problems (& I’m not talking in the way most talk abt it: social feeds that confirm our biases). 
One of the best experiences of my life was traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia, to learn Qigong Meditation from a Master. Qi, in Chinese, means energy: the energy we make in our bodies in our cells’ mitochondria, from O2 we breath & food we eat. That energy is our fuel. But guess what? These brains we have in our noggins, tho they only account for 2% of our body wt…if we use them ALL day, they can burn over 2K calories, in a day. 2k sound at all similar to what we take in thru food in a given day? And I wish our brains could make us thin. Metabolism & WHAT we eat play a big part.
So if we’re exhausting the energy/fuel our bodies take IN from ALL the new stimuli we’re exposed to above, where’s that leave us? 
It’s why we wake up more exhausted than we fell asleep (no energy left for repair). BUT, back to the division in our country/world: we’re shorter tempered, more anxious, have less to give to debate, angrier, too spent to consider alternate opinions. 
Slowing it down, meditating, giving our brains breaks is AS impt to our harmony & peace as a society as it is our own individual health.

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