10/08/21: Openness Of a Sports Hero Gives a Glimpse Of What Universal Support Can Look Like

If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this one may be worth a million or more.

Shorter one for a change, today…because this visual just wowed me & says most of what needs to be said.

When my brother was sick with cancer in the 80s, there were no flowers, no chocolates. People were afraid to come near, for fear they might “catch cancer, themselves.” It was “The Big C” back then.

Fast forward to when the cancer came back in the 90s, & his room was lined with those signs of support. So what happened? Society became more accepting. Campaigns like “Everyone Knows Someone Effected” helped to normalize cancer to the masses.

What just happened so close together with Robin Lehner’s story & fight gaining national attention, & then led only a few days later to Carey Price’s family’s announcement, showed society a thread of consistency.

This, all off of the heels of pioneers like Theo Fleury, who have been sharing their stories openly for over a decade…shows this topic isn’t for “them” – that group of messed up folks who live in that “1 in 5” effected group (which is most often the media narrative when these stories have been shared as one-offs). It’s for US, all of us, even the top goalies in the world who seem to have perfect lives. We all struggle at times.

To see the universal support Carey got – this page looks like the “flowers” that line the rooms of those who are physically sick. This is a huge step. Let’s celebrate it as we wish Carey & his family well. Let’s hope this is a foundation to be built upon. Kudos to the Canadiens for putting this together.

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